Sunday, 6 July 2014

Taipei delights

Taipei metro pass - taking us around a wonderful journey full of amazing food around Taipei 
'Ma La' Spicy Hotpot - can't remember the exact restaurant, but a must try in Taipei, with similar restaurants dotted around the city, people typically come out late in the evening around 10pm for an evening snack
Din Tai Fung - Taipei's famous 'Xiao Long Bao' and steamed dumpling restaurant, again, another must visit restaurant in Taipei, the Truffle and Pork filled Xiao Long Bao is simply genius and amazing! 

Now, what makes food in Taipei different to traditional Chinese or Cantonese food, is the innovation and perfect combination of traditional Chinese cooking methods and main ingredients with more western / French flavours - the Truffle and Pork Xiao Long Bao is the perfect demonstration of this. 

And continuing this innovative trend, taking modern twists to traditional methods - Ding Xian 101 offered not only amazing food, also stunning views on the 86 floor of Taipei 101 (once the tallest building in Asia, but of course, overtaken by a building in Dubai now) 
Ding Xian 101, 86 Floor - the lunch time set menu is great value and you can also try lots of different things!
 Ding Xian 101 - Sashimi selection
 Ding Xian 101 - Eel and Foie Gras Terrine Salad
 Ding Xian 101 - Stewed Abalone with Chinese Yam
 Ding Xian 101 - Steamed Scallop with Kelp Noodles
 Ding Xian 101 - Chinese Steamed Fish 

 Ding Xian 101 - 'Fo Tiao Qiang', Taiwanese soup with Taro, Pork Sparerib and Abalone 

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